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Five Transitions to Participate as Senders in God’s Global Mission

Move from where you are to where you want to be Downloads: powerpoint, handout In my role of coaching churches to do missions well, five transitions have proven effective for churches to make an impact as missionary sending churches. From … Continue reading

79. Rethinking what we mean by “church”

Shortly after writing the Cross-cultural Impact article on Expressions of Church, I was intrigued to read the following comment by Peter Shaukat in a Catalyst Interchange posting: I think there is a critical need in a larger theological/ missiological sense … Continue reading

77. The Pastor as Spiritual Coach (Part II)

see also The Pastor as Spiritual Coach (Part I) From Programs to Contextualization Who is to blame: the Congregation or the Leadership? In my responsibility of providing outreach and missions resources to churches, I have come across a curious phenomenon. … Continue reading

73. Expressions of church

“Church” is a word that I am frustrated with.  It is often used without clarity concerning what is being referred to.  We construct buildings that we call “churches.”  We attend a service on Sunday morning by “going to church.”  We … Continue reading