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108. Five Transitions to Participate as Senders in God’s Global Mission

Move from where you are to where you want to be Downloads: powerpoint, handout In my role of coaching churches to do missions well, five transitions have proven effective for churches to make an impact as missionary sending churches. From … Continue reading

101. Why I am a Baptist, but not an “Immersionist”

The “Immersionist” position is that any act of baptism that is not by the mode of immersion cannot be accepted as fulfillment of Jesus’ command to baptize.[1] Their rationale stems from a deep and admirable desire to radically obey[2] Jesus … Continue reading

79. Rethinking what we mean by “church”

Shortly after writing the Cross-cultural Impact article on Expressions of Church, I was intrigued to read the following comment by Peter Shaukat in a Catalyst Interchange posting: I think there is a critical need in a larger theological/ missiological sense … Continue reading

77. The Pastor as Spiritual Coach (Part II)

see also The Pastor as Spiritual Coach (Part I) From Programs to Contextualization Who is to blame: the Congregation or the Leadership? In my responsibility of providing outreach and missions resources to churches, I have come across a curious phenomenon. … Continue reading

73. Expressions of church

“Church” is a word that I am frustrated with.  It is often used without clarity concerning what is being referred to.  We construct buildings that we call “churches.”  We attend a service on Sunday morning by “going to church.”  We … Continue reading